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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bathroom Tiles

FAQ overview

Apart from professional interior decorators, one hardly has to buy bathroom tiles regularly or every week. So, when choosing the right tiles for your home, you need to find the right answers to some common questions that people like you ask. You don’t also have to look far in searching for answers; we have them here. At the same time, having ready answers to these questions saves you precious time and money, and other vital resources. Click here for more details about tiles and bathrooms.

Below is the list of some of these questions before we begin to answer them one after the other:

  • Which are the best bedroom tiles?
  • Which tiles are most appropriate for the floor?
  • Which tiles do you need for underfloor heating in the home?
  • Which tiles are the best for a small-sized bathroom?
  • What type of tiles do you use for shower enclosures?

Which are the best bedroom tiles in the market?

Tiles are no longer confined to only the bathroom, toilet, or kitchen. Rather, you can install the right kind of tiles for your bedroom as well, as long as you know what you want and how to get it. For instance, the type of tiles that you install in your bedroom is different in many ways from the ones you have in the toilet or bathroom. At the same time, some of these features do not just add some aesthetic value to your room, but they also have a way of influencing your mood. 

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Therefore, to answer the question, the best tiles you can use for the bedroom are the tiles with strong and bold colors. They may be tiles with exciting designs that make the walls stand out and attract you through fanciful images. At the same time, depending on whether the bedroom is for adults or kids, you may install some interesting comics for your children’s bedroom. An alternative is a set of metro tiles that you can integrate into a special taste.

Which tiles are most appropriate for the floor?

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To find the right tiles for the floor of your home, you need to consider some crucial factors, such as safety. So, the first thing in picking tiles for the home floor is to consider how the tiles are to be used. Another important factor is the time of use. For instance, the tiles on your bathroom floor at the entrance to your bath must have enough grip to prevent slipping off the floor. Therefore, you should always choose a tile with a textured surface for that purpose.

On the other hand, if you need to pick the right tile for the interior design of your floor, it needs to follow your theme. For instance, would you prefer a natural base with a plain color or a synthetic base? Therefore, you should search among not necessarily the contemporary ones but among the traditional choices that feature a combination of different materials such as stone and wood. This combinative effect also has a positive impact on your overall bathroom floor.

Which tiles do you need for underfloor heating in the home?

One of the special types of floors in the modern tech-driven world is an underfloor heating system. And that type suggests that there is a special kind of floor system that is different from the conventional choices. So, if you insist on having tiles in such a system, what will you include in the arrangement? The bathroom tiles that work for underfloor heating can withstand the same rules as the standard floor tiles. 

Firstly, you must check out the texture of the files and be sure that they are safe for you within the home. Another important attribute is that these tiles must have enough durability to withstand heat. Remember that textured tiles have a better grip on the feet than non-textured or plain tiles, especially when the floor is wet. In addition, you should consider using larger tiles rather than smaller ones, except the room space is smaller than the standard size. 

Which tiles are the best for a small-sized bathroom?

When considering the choice of bathroom tiles for a small bathroom, the best bet is small tiles that help to maximize the space at your disposal. Moreover, avoid using a very busy design on your tiles as it can easily sell out that the area is not big enough. On the other hand, using large plain bathroom tiles can help to create an illusion of the extra space that you may expect to find ordinarily. 

This created illusion makes the bathroom look compact, and a few sets of tiles can easily cover a considerable amount of space. Another implication of this method is that the larger the number of tiles you have at your disposal, the more the probability of cutting them to fit into some awkward spaces in the bathroom. Therefore, you must carefully understand how the size dynamics work when comparing your tiles to your bathroom size. 

What type of tiles do you use for shower enclosures?

When picking bathroom tiles for shower enclosures, you need to have a special kind of tiles at your disposal. The type of tiles that work for your shower enclosures depends first on the part of the shower you are using, floor or wall. For example, if you need to place tiles on a wet floor in the bathroom, you should expect to prevent slippery surfaces by using textured bathroom tiles. But you can freely use any plain tile on any other part of the bathroom.

There are different options at work for interior designers in choosing the bathroom tiles for your shower wall. Similarly, the larger tiles may look great in aesthetics and are easier to clean than smaller tiles because they require less grout. However, it takes more than the size to find the right tiles for your shower enclosure. In addition to the size, you must pick a stylish design against a neutral one that you may use on the outside.  


After finding the right answers to the frequently asked questions about bathroom tiles, the next step is to shop for the tiles. Whatever tiles you have finally resolved to buy, you can now make a more informed decision rather than guessing and second-guessing your choices. As it stands, there are over 200 different designs you can find in our store with specific details on how to use them. Explore and make a choice; we look forward to your order.